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Building mechanics in Nightingale allow players a lot of freedom and creativity.

Players can band together to build farms, estates and villages.

Strategic Uses Of Building

Buildings can be used strategically, for example as ramparts when attacking large creatures and Buildings will provide respite from Bound attacks. .[1] Your bases and Buildings will not be attacked if you are not present at your base, risk will come when connecting to another realm, or at night being attacked.

The variety of building styles are mostly cosmetic. Functionalities for furniture are in development and some functionality may be available at launch.[2]

Building Functionality

Player placed pieces can be destroyed by you or your party members after they are built. This destruction will give some of the resources back for reuse.[2]

Players can build wherever they like, landscape and other natural features permitting, and players will be able to edit existing structures. They will also be bale to upgrade existing structures[2]

Realmwalkers will be given some basic recipes for crafting and schematics for building when they start, and will be able to discover new schematics by collecting certain materials, talking to NPCs, or completing quests. [2]

Currently you can dismantle build structures like crafting benches, walls, etc. You can also destroy and repair crafted tools. [2]


There will be airships in the game at Early Access launch, but not as player facing vehicles.[2]

More Information

A variety of Cosmetic items will be available. With the Nightingale Team currently working out possible functions and making some cosmetic items interactable. Already Placed Items can be dismantled to get Some of the resources back as well as pre existing structures being editable. You will start the game with basic schematics and Unlock more structures to build as you play. To build Walls you will place down a Blueprint which will outline the structure and recourses required and then you will fill in blueprint until the structure is complete

A Nightingale townscape