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Revision as of 15:51, 26 August 2022 by Illogical (talk | contribs) (Armor/protection is primarily driven through the crafting system. e.g. using hides from creatures with better resistance to X will provide your clothing with better resistance to X. There may also be some additional methods of bolstering your protection too but we haven't locked all the details down yet.)
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Boss Fights

Solo players will be able to play the entire game by themselves. There will not be any bosses that will require a group. [1]

Base Defense

Players can set up barricades or structures to keep out Bound or other creature attacks. Players can then attack the Bound from a safe distance using ranged weapons.[1]


Humans lack innate magical abilities, spells need to be tethered to a weapon or tool crafted in the realms. Using the spells will use up some of the durability. [1]

Armour and Protection

Armour in the game will work as such that using items such as Hides from creatures to craft a wearable item of clothing will provide you a certain amount of protection from a certain type of damage