January Update Newsletter

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The January Update Newsletter is the first newsletter sent out after the game's announcement to subscribers who have signed up on the official website.

January Update

Inflexion Games is preparing Nightingale for public playtesting later this year, and we’d like to once again thank you for signing up to receive the latest news about the game!

As a subscriber, you'll be one of the first to hear details of our Alpha and Beta plans as soon as we’re able to share them.

In the meantime, throughout the first half of 2022, we'll be releasing concept art and lore about the world of Nightingale.

As a thank you for joining our community, we’d like to share some new background and artwork of the Fae Realms - plus a faction of creatures featured in our reveal trailer:

The Fae Realms


"Whether one calls it Elfhame or Faery or simply ‘The Realms’, one is talking of the myriad otherworlds adjacent to humanity’s plane. Accessed through Portals and Transept Arches, these Realms range from innocuously Earthlike to thoroughly exotic, from rolling hills and ancient woodland to strangeness beyond the ken of mortal man. Yet, of the Fae themselves, supposed masters and mistresses of these Realms, there is no trace…" - Samuel Clemens

The Bound - Bruisers


"Whilst the Fae Realms are home to a variety of strange and bewildering creatures, few are as disturbing to behold as these hideous parodies of humanity. When they first appeared, they attacked on sight - overwhelming the towns and hamlets. Diverse in their form, they are unified by their aggression and by the strange ligatures that crisscross their skin. The Redcrosse Knights knew them of old as ‘Bound’, whilst the Hermetics of the Academy theorized that they were magickal creations. But who so hates mankind to make such mockeries? And why?" - Elizabeth Cochran Seaman