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Skyfallers are a race of Giants in Nightingale. These giants are wanderers and the largest of their kind. They are usually found alone and peaceful.

"In recent times, science ahs attributed Earth's great buried bones to ancient lizards. Yet the simpler explanation is that they are the remains of Grendels and Skyfallers-that is, giants. Skyfallers are mountain-high wanderers (the largest of their kind), almost always alone and peaceful (if rapacious). Scientific opinion on their origin is divided. Dame Micawber claims they are products of Fae sorcery; Madame Sklodowska thinks of them Swift's Brobdingnagian kingdom now scattered; and Professor Huxley says they are simply humans adapted to the Realms. Certainly, the Realms would be a rich setting for human evolution. Yet these giants loom over even our tallest trees. Surely, it would take thousands of years for humans to reach such heights through mere evolution. "[1]