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Nightingale has a lot of RPG elements and ways for players to progress their characters, even better you can have multiple characters to progress as you please.

You'll be able to select a character role during character creation, but this offers a narrative background (as well as a unique outfit) Character roles that have been hinted at in the trailer or concept art are:

  • Gatherers & Crafters
  • Melee (Hatchet, Axe, Greathammer)
  • Ranged (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol)
  • Magic (abilities to be unlocked over time)[1]


As humans lack innate magickal abilities, spells need to be tethered to a weapon or tool crafted in the realms. But be warned, using the spells will use up some of the durability.

"Magic is still seen as a very mysterious thing. It's not a part of everyday life – people aren't making breakfast with magic, as you might see in Harry Potter. It's a powerful force that few hold." – Aaryn Flynn[2]

Character Customization

You'll be able to select a character type from a range of options when you start the game, and then through playing you'll be able to earn new recipes for Armor and clothing that you'll be able to craft and customize your appearance with. Character clothing will not be Locked to the gender of your character either.

Player Stats

The player characters abilities and stats are taken from the items they are using. Players will be able to specialize their gameplay capabilities through their loadout.


There will be no direct levelling mechanic within the game, progression will be based around recipes, materials and encounters a Realmwalker discovers