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  • 20:53, 14 June 2022Skyfaller (hist | edit) ‎[1,149 bytes]BDLG (talk | contribs) (Created page with "Skyfallers are a race of Giants in Nightingale. These giants are wanderers and the largest of their kind. They are usually found alone and peaceful. <blockquote>"In recent times, science ahs attributed Earth's great buried bones to ancient lizards. Yet the simpler explanation is that they are the remains of Grendels and Skyfallers-that is, giants. Skyfallers are mountain-high wanderers (the largest of their kind), almost always alone and peaceful (if rapacious). Scienti...")
  • 20:46, 14 June 2022Eoten (hist | edit) ‎[936 bytes]BDLG (talk | contribs) (Created page with "The Eoten are a race of creatures found in Nightingale. These are tree-like creature that can transform into a man-like form. {{web||Official Twitter}} <blockquote>"Tale tells that a Realm does not always sit by whilst humanity pillages. Compelled to defence, Realm spirits incarnate and used their powers to seduce, distract, frustate, or even kill any exploiters. One example, the tree-bound spirit, ranges wi...")
  • 20:11, 14 June 2022Realm Cards (hist | edit) ‎[2,197 bytes]BDLG (talk | contribs) (Created page with "Realm Cards are the key that unlocks access to new realms, each with environments, creatures, and discoveries to be explored. Using Realm Cards lets you apply agency and choice over what kind of realm you’re going to open. This allows you to connect to one that fits your current needs and desires for adventure. You will need to explore a realm and acquire magical ingredients that allow you to learn recipes to craft new realm cards. You can select a limited number of...")
  • 23:36, 22 April 2022Bandersnatch (hist | edit) ‎[1,155 bytes]BDLG (talk | contribs) (Created page with "The Bandersnatch are a hostile race of large rat-like creatures in Nightingale. The Bandersnatches live in the dark corners of the Realms, moving horribly between the shadows. The creatures hunt in packs, coordinating and navigating through echolocation. A Realm Walker of sensitive hearing might well pick up their lupine batlike shrieks before an attack begins. {{web||Official Twitter}} <blockquote>"She...")