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Nightingale features survival elements and the very world itself will pose different challenges. Terrain and weather play a role, as do enemy creatures (PvE). [1]


Nightingale Will feature hunger mechanics as mentioned in 'Nightingale - Gameplay Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022'. We have seen that you can farm plants including Berries from Bushes and eat Meats Harvested From animals and cook them. Going hungry will result in certain debuffs being applied to your character but will not kill you.[1]

Dying in Nightingale

As in most survival games Death will be a lingering risk when exploring, in Nightingale upon death you will lose all items being carried at that time and respawn at a respite spawn point. There will be no de-spawn timer on your items and death markers will be present to show where you died. However any Buffs you had before you died will be lost as a result of Death.

General Survival

You will be able to upgrade your back pack to carry more recourses and serve more purposes as well as some more advanced features When it comes to the Creatures you will encounter some will already be hostile and always be like that, but others will have to be aggravated before they temporarily become hostile. However Stealth can be used as a method to avoid hostile encounters


Hope is a survival meter that players have to manage alongside health, hunger and stamina. The goal with Hope is to bring a psychological element to survival systems in this type of game. How do your actions impact your ability to survive in the realms beyond just being fed, or warm, etc. With Hope if you do something positive - such as build a home for yourself - you'll see that your Hope meter will go up - and with that you'll receive buffs that benefit survival and exploration. However, if an invading Giant tramples on your newly-built homestead, you'll see your Hope meter drop, and that will have a negative impact on your attributes.

A good way to think about the "Hope" meter is if you imagine you're playing a game set underwater and you have an oxygen meter. Initially, you may not be able to venture too deep, as things get more dangerous the further you explore. But as you progress you're able to upgrade your oxygen tank which allows you to go further and further, increasing your ability to reach new areas and make greater discoveries. The "Hope" meter in Nightingale has a similar function - some realms will more negatively impact your "Hope" and will make it difficult to explore without draining the meter. However, by building out your estate and crafting certain gear, and performing other activities, you'll greatly increase your ability to manage your "Hope" meter, allowing you to be able to explore more challenging realms. Managing your hope is intended to be a more strategic survival bar.[2]